Can You Take Xanax During Pregnancy? Xanax Precautions & Uses for Female

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Can You Take Xanax During Pregnancy? Xanax Precautions & Uses for Female

Generally, every drug, whether prescribed or bought over the counter (Xanax during pregnancy), responds to every individual differently, taking into account the different body types, gender, age, and the like. As such, the dosage for each drug is also recommended differently for different sets of patients, such as for men and women, children and adults, or senior citizens. It is therefore always advised to closely follow your doctor’s advice in taking any type of drug for the first time. Your doctor is the best person to guide you on what would suit you best after examining your medical condition, any past medical history, allergies if any, and of course, your age, gender, body weight, etc.
One such example of a drug which needs to be carefully taken by women only after doctor consultation is Xanax.

Let’s see why.
It is not advisable to take Xanax during pregnancy
Xanax is generally labeled as a pregnancy category D drug, meaning that it may cause harm to the fetus and result in perpetual worry for the mother. As such, it is best to avoid taking the drug during all three trimesters of your pregnancy. If you’re a patient of anxiety and panic attack disorders, and you need to absolutely take this drug, do so only after consulting your doctor.

Xanax precautions for women
If you’ve already been on Xanax for some time and become pregnant while on the drug, do let your doctor know immediately whether to continue intake or not. This is because the drug has been reported to cause serious fetal harm, especially in the first trimester, in some women. If you have been prescribed Xanax, it is best to avoid planning a child until your doctor feels that you’re fit enough to discontinue treatment.

Xanax uses for females
Xanax is indicated for treating excessive anxiety and panic attacks in both men and women adults. However, recent studies have shown that the drug is being highly prescribed to women of late who tend to experience increased anxiety especially during a period of new change in their lives. This may be during a recent bad divorce or struggling to adjust with the birth of a new baby, or even menopause in older women.

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